Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This guy, Oliver was quite surprised this morning when the big black uniform clothes hanger in our room began to beep and roll.  He was even more surprised when I stepped on it and began to walk.  It has been a long time since this has happened - definitely before his arrival in September.  

Today, for some reason, has been a lighter day.  The weather is mid-60's with the sun shining.  That could be it or is it that a heavy burden has been lifted, or a question answered.  Definitely not in the way I intended, but an answer is better than agonizing over disappointment.  Even as a child it is a bit free-ing when your parents give you a 'no' that you can't argue with.  At least you don't have to continue to put energy into hoping anymore.  I'll explain sometime, the lightness feels too good to go any further.

I've been trying to create a little each day.  It feels good and I know this is something I need even when things get busy.  Oliver has been a welcomed addition to our family.  I think he's going to be a little Momma's boy.  He's all tough going outside climbing fences and trees and bringing in live birds, but he saunters in many times a day to make a bee-line to me to check-in. He sleeps by my feet at night.  We have that little connection that makes having pets a blessing. 


dinga said...

Although we were raised a "dog" family, I sure do enjoy my cat too. Both have their way of comforting, loving you, and never talking back! You know they need you, and they don't mind thanking you for it. Great start on the uniform hanger - :) ! Go girl!

Lisa said...

He knows that you rescued him! He wants to make sure that you are still there after he starts getting that "I have been outside too long" feeling. You are lucky that you are able to appreciate the unconditional love of your animals. A blessing!

My word verification is "Dog esse" too funny!