Monday, November 3, 2008

Full and Satisfied - Our Weekend

  • Started out Friday morning making cookies for the sweet shop at our school auction dinner.  These are yummy and taste like Thanksgiving.

  • When the girls got home from school we carved our large pumpkin.
  • Little tricksters at the door.  Cee is Penelope, Kaye is a -friendly- witch, and Jae is a 50's girl.
  • I think it's time to read about my camera functions.  Don't know what happened here but the effect was passable so I posted.  All our trick or treat action shots are funny like this.  The second picture is a house nearby that displays their awesome carved pumpkins.  Definitely have to see this every year.
  • It was fun to stop at Starbucks on our way to a haunted house.  Cider, hot chocolate, milk, misto, pike place - delight in a cup.  btw, only 2 of the 5 made it through the haunted house opting for the 'little scare' as opposed to the 'full scare."
  • A little stop while Dad walked back to get the truck.  It was a fun night!

the rest of the weekend...
  • 3 soccer games on Saturday
  • Auction dinner Saturday night
  • Rod got a little carried away and bid on a vacation for us.  Two nights in Carmel with four tickets to the Monterey Bay aquarium - should be fun.
  • While driving to lunch after Mass yesterday our Suburban just stalled.  We were able to start it a couple of times to get closer to home but it finally pooped out completely about a mile from home.  I got out and walked to get the truck while Rod and the girls stayed for AAA.  Waiting for the verdict this morning to see what the damage is.  ~it's the fuel pump, $900 ouch
  • we finally made it to lunch (couldn't cancel that :), did some errands, naps, simple dinner, family rosary for the election, Adoration and the weekend was over.  
...very full but satisfying.  


Georgiann said...

Hey Grasshopper Girl~
Sounds like a great fun filled weekend! You mentioned Pike Market~
Where you talking about the tea?
Its is delicious, Made in Seattle at the Pikes Place's a very popular drink on cold ,rainy nights.
I finaly finished Part 2 of my journey and posted it today~
So when you get time come over and say HI!!!

Peace in Christ,

LeeLee said...

What a fun weekend! I loved the girls costumes...very cute. I had to go back and read a caption again because I thought that YOU had carved all those pumpkins in front of the house.... not that I don´t thing you CAN but ..... am I digging myself in a hole here? lol Lets just say that I´m not even that ambitious! lol

Enjoy your vacation when it comes up!

Lisa said...

The pictures turned out pretty cool, sort of like there are ghost floating around!
I have to say my DH also couldn't believe that you guys had carved all those pumpkins! I even thought so too, until I read the post!
What a fun weekend! Bidding on the silent auctions are always fun! Congratulations on Winning!