Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm One of Those

{It all started at a young age.  Rememer the crying Indian from the pollution ads?  Yeah that did if for me!}

Not an of those people who seem to be drawn to the heart wrenching story.  Rod is forever reminding me to watch or listen to something more cheerful.  Although I do get sad, I'm not an easy crier, it just sits inside for too long.  Last night I sat at my computer and really had a hard time watching this touching video about a baby with Trisomy 18, Eliot Mooney.  Although it physically makes me sad, I feel better having known his story.  

I've always been drawn to the tear-jerking movie, captivating news coverage, or the personal story that brings out all my support, thoughts, prayers, and attention.  I'm in their moment wishing it would've never happened, praying for a miracle, and thankful for love.  I'm currently listening to the audiobook, The Story of Edward Sawtelle (sidenote:  for me, listening to an audiobook makes some chores a little more enjoyable).  Before downloading the book I read the reviews which said it was a sad tale, dry at times, too much detail about the dogs, melancholy...hmmm, sad? too much detail? dogs? sounds like a story for me.

Sometimes though I think I need to find the light-hearted, humorous situation to brighten my spirit.  The other night after watching Nancy Grace and negative news coverage of the election, I turned to Samantha Who?  I never watch it but seeing the silly, overexaggerated antics of Christina Applegate's fictional character was welcome relief.  

Opposites attract right?  If Rod can deal with my attraction to things like Nancy Grace, movies like The Piano, and watching hours of breaking news coverage on a major event, I guess I can put up with things like Dumb and Dumber, Knight's Tale, and ESPN News.  Although both of our viewing choices don't have a MAJOR impact on our lives, I do think there is something at our core that draws me to the heartwrenching and Rod to comedy.  God in His wisdom, changed that for an instant to bring us together so we could balance each other out.  (sniff, sniff - Rod would have come up with a joke here)


Georgiann said...

Hey there Trudy~
I know my husband is always asking me Why do you watch such depressing stuff? I think it because God has called me to pray for others and usually they have a sad story to tell.
My husband is a hard one to make laugh...but he really like the dumb movie WILD HOGS...marco polo?

I'm not sure if you know or read but I left you several differnt comments on some of your older post??? I keep checking back on your blog( where I left the comment and you have not repononded.)
I always check mark the box that gives me e mail up dates when some one leaves me a comment.

PS I'm 40 too and my husband is almost 45. I read your comment on Aprils blog~

Peace ans Prayers,

sequin said...

Little Eliot's story was beautiful - what a blessing to have such wonderful parents - what a blessing to experience his life. It seems when I am aware of the Holy Spirit - It makes me cry. These stories of life and love, living and dieing, are little miracle stories - its OK to be drawn to them. But, also a blessing to be gifted with joy!

Didn't you enjoy that book about Zippy? - that was a pretty happy little book.

Georgiann said...

Hi there Trudy~

I came over again and watched the story of Elliot! I put it on my blog...I think my reader would like to see how a baby that lived such a short life touch so many people! Sad story but a strong message in faith.

Lisa said...

Trena had this same video on her blog today. I watched it at 5:00am this morning. Nothing like starting the day with such an inspirational story and crying like a baby!
How truly blessed his parents were that they have 99 days of beautiful memories. I kept thinking how happy his mother was and the father too!
Like you said, I am better for knowing little Eliot Moony and his wonderful parents.

Trudy said...

Georgiann, I left a new comment below in the "Today" post. If that's not the one you're referring to, email me. I don't check that email often but will make a point of checking some time today. Thanks for the comments!

Have a great new family tradition this evening.