Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Old Friend Fall

Worked on this Sunday afternoon.  Inspired by Kelli Crowe's challenge, I decided to go back to Cee's baby album I'm still creating.  Fun to see these 9 year old pictures when life was a little different.  

I'm craving Fall!  Especially when I have to wait an hour after school each day to stay with Jae while Kaye is at volleyball and Cee goes to Study Hall.  Sometimes Jae and I sneak over to Study Hall (1st graders aren't allowed) for the air conditioning.  It will be nice when we can sit outside with a cool Fall breeze.  That should happen in about 6 weeks.

I also long for the home-y-ness of Fall.  While I was at Target yesterday the Fall decorations were calling my name.  I didn't know I was so drawn to twig pumpkins all of a sudden.  I think what I'm longing for is the familiarity of Fall.  There's something cozy and secure about it.  Must be all the changes lately and maybe the house is just a bit too quiet.  I will be sad when I have to send them out on the first rainy day.  (Rod called just now and said maybe you should write that post later - meaning I'm a bit too sentimental at the moment)

I do miss them.  ...but they are happy meeting their new challenges and that makes me happy too, except when I miss them.  Okay, I think maybe Rod was right...better go.


sequin said...

I was wondering when it was going to hit. Yes, it is so quiet when they're in school. Turn it around - think of all the choc chip cookies you can make! :) They'll love that!

Fall is absolutely my favorite - hands down. Love the nip in the air that makes me want to cuddle in to DH & kids. (and football)

Lisa said...

Fall is also my favorite time of the year! I love the change in the weather, the coziness and the anticipation of Christmas! So much more fun now that I am out of retail!
It must be hard to send all three off at once. You didn't get the build up of adding one more over the years.