Monday, August 25, 2008

8-20-08, A Big Day!

Happy belated birthday to these two, Papa and Cee - 9 and 80!

Here they were nine years ago!

We had a busy morning on the 20th waking Cee up for her bday breakfast in bed and then preparing for the girl's first day of school.  

After the first day of school was complete we traveled to Papa's to share a big birthday treat!  

August 2oth - a big day!


LeeLee said...

Happy Belated Birthdays! It was a big day indeed! How is the transition going with the girls? Are they loving school or missing home? How are you doing with all this? I´ve been thinking of you!

sequin said...

Those red shirts sure do stand out! What a great color for your town - part of the red wave. Always a great way to have a BD with an SOS - glad you shared!!

Lisa said...

We had so much fun getting to celebrate the birthdays with you, even if it was short and sweet. Cee will probably remember this birthday well! Great pictures of the cute girls in red shirts!

PS I did find my pictures when I clicked back on to the site where I downloaded them. They had not been saved, but were still in the box to modify! I was able to save them and name the file! I was so happy.