Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Great Day

We had such a nice day today on our camping vacation.  For traditions sake we woke up early and walked on the beach to the pier where the best cinnamon rolls are made.  Along the way the girls collected shells and sand-dollars while Nutmeg loved every minute of running on the beach.  After we walked through the small beach town back to our camper we took showers and prepared for a day away from camp.

We ate lunch at the Apple Farm and toured the cute gift shop and grist mill.  Loved the home-made ice cream and boysenberry pie.  (as you can see we're doing a food tour)  We spent a fortune at the gas pump and then rode out to an amazing area called Montana de Oro.  We had a small hike through a wooded Eucalyptus area.  At the end of our short hike a beautiful rocky beach appeared.  It is a great tide pool area.  We collected tiny shells and found three vertebrae we think came from sea lions?  (picture to follow)

We rode back to our little beach town washed our feet near the pier and went to a restaurant where they pour buckets of crab, sausage and potatoes in the middle of your table to crack open.  The girls had a blast with bibs and mallots.  Cee even said next birthday she was going to come there for her birthday instead of having a birthday party.  Hmmm - sounds a lot easier.  Lastly, we came back to camp and enjoyed a camp fire with s'mores and Pioneer Woman's Marguerites.  It was a full, delicious, fun, day - now off to sleep!

When I re-read "camping on the Central Coast" in my last post I thought it may sound like we were in tents on the beach.  We're not roughing it entirely, although quarters start to get a little tight with five people after several days.


Katviper said...

Just the way I like to camp too. Glad you guys are having a great time.

sequin said...

Montana de Oro is a great place to go. Our school takes the 7th/8th graders there every year for their science field trip. Would love to know the name of the buckets of crabs place. Your way is my kind of camping too - not many dishes! Just said bye to "the Love Bandit" as he drove away with his two buds to "camp" for the weekend at Papa's cabin. Say a prayer!

Lisa said...

Okay I am seriously depressed now. When your nine year old niece gets to dine at the place that you told her parents about, before you even get to eat there is a very sad day! I can't wait until I get to eat there! I am glad to hear you are all enjoying your week!