Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free Summer Movies

Yesterday was a nice Summer day.  Our local theater (Regal Entertainment Group) is hosting free Summer movies.  The girls each brought a friend (same family actually) and we went to see Nancy Drew.  It felt good walking in there free without a ticket.  The snack bar is the only place they get you but they were pretty nice about handing out six "water" cups and three "carrying" boxes so we could share two huge sodas and a bucket of popcorn.  You can check here to see if the Free Family Film Festival is available in your area.

After the movie they came over to swim.  They wanted to swim for hours which matched exactly with what our girls like to do.  Sometimes we have the kids over that swim for 20 minutes and then want to come inside to play, which is okay but it's not necessarily what our kids want to do.  Yesterday was just a good 'ol Summer day with good friends, popcorn and a movie, watermelon, and hours of swimming on a hot day.  


sequin said...

Checked out the schedules. Just like the Tues. afternoon "Nurses" movies. We'll have to try to make a date. Thanks for the tip!

Lisa said...

It brings back memories of the Nurses movies. I want to make sure that I make it to see Pippi Longstocking, one of my all time favorite movies as a kid! Thanks for the information!