Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Fling

Not just in an effort to move the last post down the screen a bit, I present to you the participants of the Spring Fling.  One is a Kindergartener just starting out at my alma mater and the other an 8th Grader finishing up there.  

This is my niece who is graduating and danced the waltz with her classmates last night.  We were all stunned to see this outgoing, athletic, spunky girl make her entrance as a beautiful, elegant lady.
Here is my nephew as a turtle for his performance.  The costume was made by both my sisters the night before. scratch.  They were joking a couple of days ago that this will be the first test to see which Kindergarten parents go all out.  I guess they brought their 'A' game!  My nephew looks so much like my Dad in this picture.  


sequin said...

Yes, the Spring Fling was definitely a head turner! The kindergartners always steal the show and this year was no different. Both smiles on the debutant and the turtle are awesome!

Lisa said...

Wow, little Papa Jr. in that last picture! And your pictures of T were very good, mine not so. We were so glad that all of you could come!