Monday, May 19, 2008

Happiness is a Day at Papa's Cabin - Together

Saturday we headed up to Papa's Cabin to open it up for Summer.  The cabin holds many happy memories.  
This is Papa who made it all possible.  My Mom and Dad bought this property when I was an infant and my Dad, Brothers and Cousins built it.  I have an early memory of standing in footie pajamas at the screen door of our small trailer watching the men work.  My Mom loved this place and she is definitely in our minds every time we're there - even 16 years after her death.  When we look at the walls and see her artwork, open up the Scrabble game and just in enjoying each others company without t.v. and the phone.  

Here's the cabin from the bottom of the hill.  Grandma and Joe drove up for the afternoon.  Here's Grandma taking the kids up the steep hill.

We had an incredible lady bug encounter down in the meadow near the creek.  There were hundreds of thousands (a million?) lady bugs flying around.  We've seen logs before with clusters of lady bugs but we weren't able to find either where they were headed or returning to.  We finally concluded that it was too hot for them to land anywhere and huddle together so they were flying around.

It's hard to see with my photography but the above picture shows tiny specks which are all lady bugs.  Most of us were fascinated except for Kaye who was completely grossed out.  We had them crawling over our faces, arms and clothing and every once in awhile they would take a little nip.  It was amazing - the numbers, not the nips.

There was fun for the big boys too who worked hard at first and then enjoyed the afternoon.  Snow still remained in the shaded areas which was hard for us to believe.  We came from 100+ temperatures with shorts.  It was a first for the kids to play in snow with shorts and tee shirts.  

This little cutie is our Godchild who braved the hill all by herself.  All on a Target shopping bag. What a day!

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Lisa said...

What a great post! You got a lot of good pictures that I didn't get! The one of Dad is nice! And of course, I love the one of little Missy. Did you photoshop it? I want a copy!

One of my earliest remembrances of the mountains was Mom giving you a bath in the little plastic bathtub in the trailer. I think we all wore footed pjs up there until we were 13!