Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

Whew, the tricks started early this morning.  I was directed by Kaye to get up early this morning to change DH's alarm clock up two hours which actually worked for a brief minute.  I heard rustling in one of the bedrooms.  I usually go down first to have a cup of coffee (now decaf) and DH gets up in time to wake the kids.  When he went into their rooms he turned down the covers to find dolls.  Then he peaked in the closet - no they weren't in there, then tried to surprise them along side the bed and yelled, "April Fools" - but no they weren't there either.  He finally found them hiding in the bathroom.  Now some of these girls struggle in the morning to get up, but give them a joke to play and their bouncy.

It has been that way all day.  Jae went to Kindergarten this morning and told her teacher that her Mom was going to bring in her puppies to show the class at 10:00.  The teacher asked "more than one puppy?"  Then said "well, hmmm, maybe we can tell her to bring them in later at the end of class."  Then Jae smiled and said, "April Fools!"  The teacher laughed and said "you got me!"  

The day proceeded on with little silly jokes all day long.  We thought we were being fooled when while in a parking lot after piano a lady walked up and opened our car door while we were in it.  It scared us for half a second but one look at her and we knew she was a confused (and embarrassed) Grandma who had gotten the wrong car.  So, now we try to get these little trickers in bed.  They're still trying to scheme up plans to fool us.  Ahhh, April 2nd will be nice and quiet, hopefully.


Lisa said...

I should have guessed that those little grasshoppers would be up to tricks today!
Daddy pulled one on the school boy by telling him he had no school. It worked for about a minute.
Jae is pretty good to carry it that far with her teacher! A chip off the old Pop!

sequin said...

You guys are way faster than us! I guess as the kids grow older, maybe the shock wears off. What fun!