Wednesday, April 2, 2008

7 Random Things

This is a little meme I got from Kelli Crowe.  Here are seven random things about me.
1.  As you may have picked up, my favorite things to eat are often a little odd.  I'll choose a pickle over ice cream at our favorite ice cream parlor (started as a little girl), my favorite food item is lupini beans, I used to spend my spare money as a little girl on sunflower seeds, I'd beg and beg for jerky, I sometimes eat raw potatoes, love escargot, hot water, I'll drink pickle and olive juice and so on.  Do I have some deficiency (besides mental)?

2.  I've been known to throw up and/or get very nauseated when someone is a fast, non-stop talker.  The worst was when my neighbor visited me in the maternity ward after having our second child, I threw up right in front of her - lovely.  She didn't have a clue it was because of her.  Several other times I was on the verge with different people.  None that read my blog though - so don't worry.

3.  When I was in 5th grade I won a $200 Super Bowl bet when I randomly picked a score while at a friends house.  Cha-ching!  I was living in high cotton with my case of sunflower seeds!

4.  I was much braver before I got married.  I'd drive home late (4 hour trip) to my L.A. area apartment by myself after a weekend at home.  I remember driving down the alley close to midnight, getting out of my car to open the garage manually, driving in, walking down the alley into my darkened complex and into my corner apartment.  I also went to London my last semester in college.  We (3 girls) took personal taxis home after the subway closed.  When I say personal I mean a stranger in his private car lined up to give rides (legal in London).  I must warn our girls never to be so stupid!

5.  I wonder about people who don't like animals.

6.  I once cleaned my older brother's bedroom and did his laundry.  It was so bad I felt I deserved the $12 I found in one of his jean pockets.  (I wonder if I ever confessed that?)

7.  Family, (birth and married) has always been my greatest gift.  Before we got married DH and I talked about children.  DH wanted 2, I wanted 4.  I guess I win. :)

Now I tag Lisa at This Crazy Little Life of Mine and Kathy at Katviper and anyone else who would like to do this.  If you don't have a blog - sequin, I'm talking to you - leave your list in my comments.

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sequin said...

You learn something new every day!! I'm afraid that if I do these 7 random things, I might be going on & on and make you throw up. (Is commenting too much and too long on a blog have the same effect?) But, OK, I'll do it, but I have to have a moment or week to think about it.