Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just in case you think Cee, aka "Funky Cold Medina," is a rough little girl dabbling in gangster, I thought I'd post a sweet picture with her little shadow, Nutmeg.  I can just picture her 9 months from now in the same pose holding a little bundle, hopefully with less fur.

Jae has finally taken a turn for the better.  Poor girl was so sick with an awful combination of symptoms.  Since I thought it was viral I wasn't planning on taking her to the doctor just yet, but my sister thought I shouldn't wait too long.  I'm glad I took her in because both ears had a lot of fluid, evidence of bacterial infection on her tonsils (white spots), and lovely "pink eye."  No wonder she didn't want to eat.  The first dose of antibiotic was thrown up, but now by the third she asked to go outside for a little while.  Since it was sunny I think it helped.  

I've been sick too but to a lesser degree although with the pregnancy fatigue and mild nausea it has wiped me out.  It's both good and bad that it's Spring Break this week.  We had planned to go to the zoo to see the new stingray exhibit and to see Horton Hears a Who but so far we haven't been able to do anything.  It's good that we aren't missing any school but I hope we can squeeze in a couple of fun things.  Today Kaye and Cee came down in their bathing suits begging to go swimming.  I can't get over that they really think it's a possibility in 71 degree weather. We settled on having them ride their bikes in front.  It's going to be a long Spring!


Lisa said...

That is such a sweet picture. Poor little Nutty might have a hard time adjusting to competition. That is a big change from Funky Cold Medina. Everytime I look at that picture I have to laugh.

I am so glad Jae is better. I was getting worried about all of you! Hopefully by Easter all will be feeling better.

I hope you have a blessed Tridium!

sequin said...

Oh the many sides of life! We have you all in our prayers - Thank God there is renewal around the corner!