Sunday, February 3, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go

We had a wonderful time in the snow today.   DH shares his birthday with his Mom so we went to visit today.  Beautiful snow on the ground.  The kids were screaming "snow" so loudly in the car when we first passed it on the way up.  They threw snowballs, made a snowman and sled down the small hill.  When we were warm inside it started to snow.  I recorded when it was falling fast, but after a few minutes it fell slowly with beautiful, full snowflakes.  I've never seen such beautiful snow falling.  A day to remember!


sequin said...

How nice to share his Mother's Birthday!!! The snow looks lovely, and there's nothing like building a snowman. Jae looked warm today.

Lisa said...

They finally got to go to the snow! I know they have been wanting to go. I didn't know he shared his Birthday. By the way "Happy Birthday Silly Billy."
The video was great. You will have to show me how to do it.