Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie Ronna!

Who's this cute little girl? She's all grown up, rarely wears her glasses now, has a shorter haircut....and today's her birthday! In the spirit of this occasion we have each answered two questions about "Auntie Ronna."

What's the best thing about Auntie Ronna?
She's funny and nice.
What is your favorite memory of Auntie Ronna?
When we were at Grandma's house and we did the little show about Uncle Slug.

favorite thing
She's very, very nice. She's pretty.
favorite memory
At Disneyland when we were sitting down eating snacks waiting for the parade. Just being together with them.

favorite thing
Her hugs
favorite memory
When me and B, C, Kaye and Cee played with her on the stairs at Grandma's. We talked about Uncle Slug because he was going to tickle us.

The Grasshopper
favorite thing
Her strong love for her brothers. Playful and caring with them yet there's a strong maternal aspect to it too.
favorite memory
The day I met her. DH teased so much before meeting her that when I finally did, it was just the opposite of what I was expecting. I thought "wow" she's really nice. I could tell right then that she really loved her brother.

DH/"Little" Brother
favorite thing
She's the world's best Human organizer for contacts and dates of events!
favorite memory
Treating me like a king when I got hit by a car at age 7.

If you happen to know "Ronna" leave a comment on your favorite thing and memory. If not, feel free to comment on her cool glasses and stlyish haircut!

Happy Birthday Auntie Ronna. We love you!


CQ said...

That is a cute haircut!! Kind of like her brother's at that age? She was a caring granddaughter to her Grammy, and you can count on her Christmas Card to be one of the first in the mailbox!!

sequin said...

Love to read your blogs on siblings and their birthdays! So nice to see the good things get put down in writing for all the world to see! (Especially the pictures.)

Lisa said...

At least we know that their mother didn't have a favorite when it came to getting haircuts!
She is very on top of things and hers is always the first Christmas card in the mail box!
I remember how proud she was to be the Best Woman for her brother. She was the perfect choice for that important role.