Sunday, January 20, 2008

She Left This...

(My Mom's Inscription in my Book)
A book that has helped me countless times.  It's almost as if I find exactly the reading I need when I go to it.  This is part of a chapter I have posted on my bathroom mirror.  It speaks to me because it addresses my weaknesses and gives me hope.

bk 1, chap 25

An undisciplined person is open to grave ruin, and a person who looks only for ease and relaxation in life will be limited in his spiritual development, for one thing or another will always displease him.

Look for your comfort from nothing but God, then you begin to know God perfectly; then too will you be quite content no matter what happens; then, you will neither rejoice for much nor grieve for little, but will commit yourself wholly and confidently to God, for He means everything to you.  To God, nothing passes aways or dies, but all things live and all things serve Him promptly  at a nod.

Give yourself enthusiastically to your spiritual life, you will find great peace and feel the effort lighter through God's grace and the love of virtue.  The person who loves God with all his heart and soul - and who faithfully and diligently acts on that love - is ready for anything.

The more self disciplined you are the more you will progress.


Lisa said...

What a great Post! Mom would be so proud of you. I need to remember to read this book more often. It points out so many different things that we should think about, for good times and bad!

sequin said...

God's special gift to us is a mother...and to think He gave us two - our own and His mother too. It is a blessing to treasure something so fruitful! Its an awesome gift.