Friday, January 25, 2008

Clean as a Whistle

Clean as a whistle and ready for an exciting weekend.  Tomorrow's forecast - rain.  Have I mentioned, I have time management issues?  Motivated by yesterday's post and expected passengers tomorrow, we cleaned out the stale french fries, 3 or 20 loaded little girl purses, dvd's, fast food receipts, jackets, dolls, drawing pencils and even a little mouse.  Kidding on the last one.  

Now for our garage.  In little over a week, our garage will be a polling place for the California Primary Election.  Me oh my, what work lies ahead.  For now, I'll do what I do best and push that off a little longer.

Have a good weekend.  

1 comment:

sequin said...

Nothing like a little company to get things in order! It happened to me last week and I'm still enjoying the clean!